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Soap Saver Dishes

Truly natural soaps have added oils to provide extra moisturizing properties that benefit your skin. The glycerin, which is the rich moisturizing by-product of soap making is put back into the soap.

Factory made soaps that are derived from chemicals include harsh chemicals and overall affects your skin. Many times we are unaware until we try more natural products.

Factory made soaps are made cheaper and last longer. They are cheaper because chemicals are less expensive than the naturally-derived ingredients found in natural soaps. It lasts longer because they do not contain the added oils and the glycerin is removed.

Now that we have explained the difference between natural soaps and factory made soaps, the following tip will help you to preserve the longevity of your all natural soap.

These Radiata Pine wooden soap dishes allow the soap to completely drain and dry, thereby increasing the life of the bar. 

Tip: Natural soap dissolves more rapidly in water. Do not leave the soap sitting in water in the shower or bathtub. Place your soap on a soap dish with a rack or remove the soap from the shower or bathtub to avoid getting it wet between each use.

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